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Handel Oriental Pheasant Lamp (No. 7021)
"The Best Ever"

Pictured here is a most spectacular piece of lamp history: a Handel lamp featuring oriental pheasants and flowers, complete with the Handel signature. It is all original, with absolutely no repairs or deformities. This lamp was also featured in a Handel advertisement in an issue of Century in 1923. 

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Tiffany Studios NY Pomegranate Lamp with Dichroic Glass

Featured here is a magnificent and rare Tiffany Studios Pomegranate lamp. The shade is signed. There are absolutely no repairs done to this piece. The shade is all original glass and patina. This piece is an essential investment for any Tiffany collector.



R. Lalique "Victoire" Hood Ornament/Bouchon de Radiateur 

This piece is perhaps one of the most fantastic pieces we have had the pleasure of working with over the years. With French Art Glass being one of our specialties, pieces by Rene Lalique are some of our favorite and most coveted finds. This piece in particular is one of the most fantastic pieces of Lalique and we are glad to have worked with it.

The piece itself was/is in excellent condition and was done in a smokey grey glass. A radiator cap/hood ornament like this is just a stunning find, and a heavy one at that. The glass in this piece weighed a fair amount and always surprised us.

Iconic c.1920 Pairpoint Reverse Painted Puffy-Shade Lamp


Photographed here is the best of all Pairpoint lamps, complete with reverse-painted roses and a vibrantly-colored green shade. This lamp has absolutely no problems or deformities.

C. 1900 Daum Nancy Wheel Carved Small Vase
w/ Tobacco Leaves


Presented here is a stunning piece of Daum Nancy. This vase is especially unique because of its shade and the depiction of red tobacco leaves on a orange/yellow background. It is signed Daum Nancy in the darker area of the vase. This is a spectacular addition to any art glass collection.

Edwardian Sterling Sweetmeat Epergne with Green Dishes & Large Center Bowl, c.1910

This amazing sterling epergne was expertly crafted by William Hutton & Son at the turn of the 20th century. There are sterling-hallmarks located in various spots. The hanging baskets make this piece particularly unique, along with the green-glass dishes. Some of the original green dishes have been lost or broken over time, however, that does not devalue this exceptional and opulent piece in any way.  

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R. Lalique Opalescent Soudan Vase, c.1920

This large and heavy R. Lalique piece is a rare find, especially in near-mint condition, with no chips nor cracks. The Soudan pattern features relief of gazelles running in three rows. The opalescence of these piece varies in different background colors and lighting, so it is best to see this piece in person to see its color.

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LCT Tiffany Favrile Multicolored Vase with Sprigs 

This happens to be another one of our more fabulous finds. This Tiffany Favrile vase is a tall and unique piece which was fabulous to work with. This is a very one of a kind piece and had such great colors and shine. A true treasure!


Early 20th cent. Loetz / Kralik / Rindskopf Iridescent Oil Pinched Spot Vase

Presented here is a vibrant and lovely oil spot vase, attributed to Czech artists. The iridescence varies under many different kinds of lighting and backgrounds, sometimes appearing very dark to a vibrant rainbow, highlighting the oil spots. The pinched area of the glass makes the colors gleam in many ways: you can't look at this piece the same way twice!

Late 18th-cent. Meissen Classical Figure of Shepherd with Sheep

This early Meissen piece is quite a rare find, and is in excellent condition for its age. The Meissen mark on it is the two crossed swords, and has been confirmed to be from the 18th century. The pan-flute on the side of the stump appears to be on the only repair ever done to piece, however, this can hardly take away from the high-quality and detail in this wonderful figurine. 


Zsolnay & J. Fischer Budapest Large ~19" Handled Pitcher, c. 1900 

Presented here is a very tall and unique pitcher made by Zsolnay and J. Fischer, both artists from Budapest, Hungary. The piece is in excellent condition, with no chips nor cracks, and very little crazing. The expert gilding and exquisite detail make this piece a must-have for any Bohemian pottery collection.


VERY RARE c.1900 Nippon Kinran Coralene Grey/Black Vase featuring a Rural Scene

This particular Nippon is very rare because of the depiction of a rural scene, the high quality of the beading, and the contrasting grey/black behind the bright reds and yellows. The detailed addition of a river in the rural scene makes this piece absolutely exquisite (and an absolute must-have for the Nippon collector). It is in excellent condition- no chips nor cracks. 

D'Argental Blue and Purple ~12" Cameo Vase with Berries, c.1900

Here is a stunning cameo glass vase by D'Argental. It is especially an unusual D'Argental piece because of the size and color. Depending on the lighting and background colors, the blues and purples shine differently (in this photo, the vase looks particularly bright). 

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Roseville Blue Apple Blossom Floor Vase, ~19"

Roseville pieces are abundant with many different patterns and colors, and some combinations of patterns and colors (along with large sizes) are more sought after than others. Pictured here is an excellent-quality Roseville Apple Blossom floor vase in a blue color, making this piece another rare find. 

Circa 1900 Swiss Cylinder Mahogany Music Box with Twelve Tunes & Tremolo
retailed by Gautschi & Sons

*In EXCELLENT working order*

Presented here is a fantastic, working music box, handmade in the early 20th century in Switzerland, complete with a working lock and key. The featured tunes are quite unique because of the inclusion of several different languages. Songs include titles such as Les Cloches du Monastére, Old Folks at Home, and Kuss, [eine] Waltz. The quality of the sound is excellent- you'll just have to hear it for yourself! 

c. 1910 Weller "Blue Ware" Vase with Classical Figure ~11"

We present to you a lovely Weller Blue Ware piece featuring a classical figure with an outstretched arm, eloquently holding grapes. This piece is a great early Weller piece because of its excellent quality and condition. It is marked on the bottom with the proper "WELLER" impression.

Late 19th Cent. Carl Thieme Porcelain Handpainted 
Portrait Lamp 


Pictured here is a fabulous and top-notch Carl Thieme lamp. There are portraits of couples featured on one side, and the other side has wonderfully hand painted flowers. The applied flowers and leaves add a touch of fabulous-rococo to this unique lamp. The lamp was never electrified and there are absolutely no repairs.

Rare Early 20th Cent. Pairpoint Vaseline Vase


This is definitely a unique piece of Pairpoint: the vaseline glass is not common among vases such as these. The pattern seen on this vase is the Pairpoint pattern titled "Vintage".


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